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MYTH BUSTED! Fraser Island is the world's largest sand island but it most definitely doesn't have more sand than the Sahara desert.

The island's sandscapes sculptured over time by wind and tides. The oldest sand - which is white in colour and leached of minerals - is found on the western side of the island.

Sandblows, like Stonetool Sandblow, along the eastern coast of the island are mobile and sweep across the island, often burying forests and other plant communities until they reach a place that is protected from winds and the movement stops.

The rate of movement of the dunes each year depends on factors such as wind strength, the amount of moisture in the sand and plant colonisation and it's estimated that a grain of sand can take 60,000 years to pass from one side to the other.

The young dunes behind the eastern beaches become colonised when stabilises such spinifex grass and other coastal plants take root.

In the sheltered central regions of the island, where the dunes are stable and there are more nutrients for growth, diverse plant communities and rainforests are found.

Fraser Island and Rainbow Beach are also know for their coloured sands. On Fraser these can occur north of Eli Creek and are made up of 72 different colours, mostly reds and yellows. The colours are caused by the leaching of oxides that coat each grain of sand, causing bands of colour.

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Where to even start...we have such lovely memories! We are two girls in our twenties and we did the two-day tour staying overnight in the Eurong resort. Definitely do the two days, one just isn't enough.

We did the 2 day tour (fiancee and I), and absolutely loved everything. Our guide was amazing; he is incredibly knowledgeable not just of the tour stops, but the flora and fauna as well.

My boyfriend and I took a one day tour on Fraser last February, and it turned out to be one of the highlights of our holiday...our only regret was that we took the one day tour instead of two day tour!

This trip was awesome - mainly because of the absolutely legendary guide, who drove us around the island and did not spare any effort to make this trip an unforgettable experience for all of us.



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